Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Small Business Assistance is Right Here

According to a study by the U.S. Small
Business Association, only 2/3 of all small business startups survive the first
two years and less than half make it to four years. Of all the new business
startups, 1/3 eventually turn a profit, 1/3 break even, and 1/3 never leave a
negative earnings scenario. With numbers like that, it's no wonder so many
would-be entrepreneurs think twice before taking the plunge.

In response to these statistics and to help
potential entrepreneurs overcome their fears, we at Consumer Credit Counseling
Service of Buffalo Inc. (CCCS Buffalo) have launched a Small Business
Counseling Program.

Often, small businesses have the same issues
as families – pressing financial demands, limited funds, and ineffective
planning or budgeting. Frequently, the
Small Business Owner does not know where to turn.

Small Business, across Western New York, now
has a resource to help them with their financial problems. We may have the next
Microsoft right here in our backyard but unless we as a community provide them
with the necessary tools, we will never know.

With trained and certified financial
counselors, CCCS Buffalo is making its service available to ALL Small Business
Owners across Western New York.

Specifically, CCCS Buffalo can help with the following:
Credit report review and credit scores
Assistance with disputing discrepancies on
credit reports,
Creation of a realistic budget
Cash Flow issues

Starting a business can certainly be a
challenge. CCCS Buffalo has combined our efforts with the Small Business
Development Centers of both Buffalo and Niagara, the IRS, the SBA and the Canisius
College Women’s Business Center to help budding entrepreneurs have the
resources and financial knowledge that they need to succeed. CCCS Buffalo
provides valuable services in the critical start up phase of a small business
as well as assistance throughout its’ various life cycles.

Consider George Vlagos. In August 2010, Vlagos
launched his small business, Oak Street Bootmakers. Hugely successful—less than
one year later, there is a six-week waiting list for a pair of Oak Street

As Vlagos told Inc. magazine, “There are
certain things you can do to increase the odds of success. You don't need an
MBA to make your small business profitable - just guts, determination, one-on-one
counseling and a little common sense advice.”

Needless to say, small business counseling is
the key.

For more information, on Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc., call 712-2060 or


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