Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Please Help CCCS Buffalo receive funding for Housing Counseling programs!

See below for info...the most important request we have is that you contact your Congressmembers to express your support. Call Scott Laughlin at 712-2067 for more info.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez is seeking co-signers to a letter in the U.S. House of Representatives in support of $87.5 million in funding for the HUD Housing Counseling Assistance Programs for FY 2013. His “Dear Colleague” letter that was circulated in the House is pasted below, as well as the text of the letter to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee.

It is important that the letter have as many signatories as possible to demonstrate strong support for housingcounseling. As soon as possible, please reach out to your contacts in your Representatives’ offices and urge them to sign Rep. Gutierrez’s letter.

Letter from Rep. Gutierrez
Support Funding for Housing Counseling

Dear Colleague:

Please join me in sending the enclosed letter to the T-HUD Appropriations Subcommittee in support of $87.5 million for the Housing Counseling Assistance Program in fiscal year 2013.

Housing counselors are a vitally important resource for homeowners trying to maintain safe and affordable housing. Housing counselors are intimately familiar with the complicated mortgage modification process and assist thousands of Americans by guiding them through this process. They help struggling homeowners fill out and submit complex financial forms, and also serve as strong advocates for homeowners, protecting them against widely documented abuses, like loan modification scams.

In FY 2010,housing counseling received $87.5 million in funding. In FY 2011, however, it received $0. In FY 2012, housing counseling funded at $45 million. We are requesting that FY 2013 funding for the Housing
Counseling Assistance Program be restored to $87.5 million.

If you have any questions or would like to sign on, please contact Nicole Dinis in my office at (202)225-8203 or The deadline to sign on to this letter is March 14th.


Luis V. Gutierrez
Member of

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