Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Managing Back to School Shopping

School time again. 
According to a leading national accounting firm, parents expect to pay an average of $430 on items for children in K through 12 and $900 on items for college.
Back to school shopping is unavoidable, but it can be manageable.
Here are a few money saving tips to help you save.
  1. Take an inventory of what your children already have.  Do not assume they have outgrown all their stuff.  Check your home’s collection of backpacks for pencils and crayons and other supplies.
  2. Set a budget.  Develop a list of what is needed….not what is wanted.  Have your children develop a budget.  Tell your children they can keep any cash that that save in spending less than what they budgeted.
  3. Take advantage any “tax saving” days that are offered.
  4. Make sure to use coupons.  Check for store coupons and make sure to go online for savings.
  5. Go digital where you can.  Many books are available digitally and at a lower cost than print editions.
  6. Use the Social Networks.  Many offer exclusive deals.
  7. Use children’s consignment sales.
  8. Make sure to take advantage of cash back sales.
  9. Organize a neighborhood children’s clothing swap and get the children involved.  Use your church and office as well for the swap sites.
  10. Enjoy the time organizing and shopping time together……it can be fun and children can learn, too.
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